Everything you need to know to travel with children


Planning, child’s passport, to-do list, toddler-friendly services, family-friendly destinations – this is all you need to know to travel hassle-free with a baby or child.

Passport and other travel documents

Some countries like Canada, children must have their own passport to travel from birth to age 16. A passport issued to a child has a maximum validity of five years. My friend who dropped his son off to get a passport and found out he had to sign for his son because he was a minor. Most airlines require that the child be at least seven days old before flying. If you need to travel with a newborn, contact the carrier. To apply for a passport, you must have your child’s birth certificate – so it is important to schedule the time to receive this document.

Heres a helpful video how to apply for a childs passport.


The health

Find out about the vaccines required (or recommended) for your destination and check with a health care provider or travel health clinic if your child’s immunization schedule needs to be adjusted to ensure that your child is well protected before departure. Some vaccines recommended for adults are not recommended for children.

Children are also at high risk of contracting diarrhea and rabies. When choosing your destination, check the sanitary conditions on site.


The plane

Sign up for the different children’s airline programs to take advantage of a host of benefits (priority boarding or surprises delivered to the kids by flight attendants on the plane, for example).

Choose the seats on the window side with a baby or a child: the wall of the device will become your ally, and one side less to manage during the flight.

Quick access to the toilet can also be convenient for parents of young children. If you are worried about airplane turbulence (or are sensitive to it), favor squares in front of the plane or at the height of the wings.

Check to see if the plane has hammocks or cribs that can be used for babies. To reserve one, make a request to the carrier’s customer service once your tickets have been reserved. Above all, do not delay: it’s first come, first served!


Before you book your accommodation, take the time to read the conditions specific to the property: some hotels are strictly for adults, for example. These conditions will also tell you how old children can stay free of charge (if any); which maximum number of children included in the reservation rate is allowed; what fees are required for any additional child; if it is possible to request an extra bed in the room; etc.


Equipment and items needed

Prepare a travel health kit (bandages, antidiarrheals, thermometer, etc.). A good baby carrier will become your best ally not only on the spot, but also on the plane, where it will allow you to walk while having your hands free. Note, however, that you cannot use it during take-off and landing or in turbulence.

Do you plan to spend time at sea? “With a baby in the south, manage a little anti-UV tent for naps on the beach.


Traveling with a child, in a few words

Traveling with children is an exceptional opportunity, because you see the landscapes through their eyes. This is an opportunity to fill up with new and extremely rewarding experiences. What’s more, a young baby is often a very effective mat: people naturally tend to want to help you.

Some Tips before Traveling Abroad



Whether you’re traveling abroad for the first time, or you’re used to long-distance travel, here’s a list of 20 tips and tricks to go before each trip.


Health and security

  • Take the time to pay a courtesy visit to your doctor with your children and contact your insurance company. This will allow you, on the one hand, to check that you have all the necessary vaccinations for your tropical raid and, on the other hand, to obtain the essential prescriptions for the little problems of everyday life.
  • Have copies of your passport, to store in your phone or in your email account. This way, in case of loss or theft of your passport, you will have the opportunity to prove your identity. The situation can be fix on site will be simplified and you will have the chance to return home.
  • Make yourself known to your embassy. If a problem arises in the country visited, it will help your government to contact you and keep you safe.



  • Be concerned about the current exchange rate before you leave. This way you can  avoid unpleasant surprises and bad calculations made in an emergency.
  • Make sure your credit card works in the country you are visiting and find out about any fees that may be charged for each transaction.
  • Once there, prefer banks or ATMs to withdraw money. Exchange offices at airports or in the city may be less interesting. By doing it directly at a bank or an ATM ATM, you will certainly pay less commission and the conversion will be accurate.
  • Always remember to have local currency on you because bank cards are not necessarily accepted everywhere, especially in the means of transport.


Research Tips before Traveling Abroad

  • For your visits, excursions, activities or shows on site, remember to buy your tickets in advance. This may already allow you to benefit from a more interesting rate and especially to avoid long queues to enter tourist sites, parks or theaters.
  • Opt for guided tours. The guides are professionals, who usually offer you a map, are allowed to have access to certain places in which you might not be able to go as a free visitor, and they are mostly generous in details and anecdotes.
  • Do not hesitate to note the events taking place during your stay. This will prevent you from missing out on festivals, ceremonies or other local events that are very culturally rich.
  • I saw a brochure for San Francisco Bay Area Towing while in San Francisco. They had some travel tips, one was to make sure you check the weather in the area you are going. Otherwise, it could be a vacation where you are stuck inside the entire time.



  • International adapter required! It’s the “must have” of any discerning traveler. And yes, for fear of disappointing some, electrical outlets are not the same everywhere.
  • If you want to avoid crying when you get home when you receive your phone bill, consider disabling roaming on your mobile phone. Privilege free Wi-Fi networks available in many hotels, restaurants, bars.

See Ho Chi Minh observatory.

Ho Chi Minh is a City in Vietnam that holds a lot of prospects for visitors. Are you confused about where to visit while in the city? One of the recommended places of where you will get an experience away from home is the Ho Chi Minh observatory. The testimonies of past tourists rates this observatory very high, your experience there will not be any different.

Expected experiences near the Observatory


  • Hotels nearby.

This is one of the high points here. There is decent accommodation that will make you feel at home away from home. The rates are very pocket-friendly because the competition is very high among the service providers. The service you will get is world class. You will definitely get your choice among the options that are available.

  • Loads of diverse experiences near the Ho Chi Minh observatory

You should be prepared for a long list of numerous experiences at this observatory. There are much more that are not written in the traveler’s guide handed over to you. Memorable experiences that will last a lifetime is guaranteed every tourist.

  • The relics of Vietnam War.

You will taken on a trip along the Saigon River; either by luxury speedboat (this mode of transportation is recommended) to the Cu Chi Tunnels. The tour will take half your day; going by the morning batch is preferably better than the afternoon batch. The trip consists of only 14 tourists at a time so that every inquiry by the tourists will be accommodated. You will have a first-hand experience of the living quarters as well as the hospitals.

 Mekong Delta.

This trip is scheduled to last for the whole day. This is a trip that will take you to the height of adventure never experienced in life. When you leave your hotel in the morning, you will only return back in the evening. The following are the memorable experiences of the trip:

>   A feel of the riverside market and village.

>  You will get to view the Cao Dai Temple.

>  Experience of Buddhist Pagoda.

>  The workshop of the local artisan where you can get some collections.

The Ho Chi Minh city is indeed a city of many complexes; it holds a lot for tourists who want to experience adventure. The observatory is one of the places that make this city thick.










The best honeymoon ideas in the world

You are planning your honeymoon and you are wondering what part of the world are most popular for honeymoons. You are trying to make this holiday as special as possible and make sure that you and your new spouse is going to have the time of, your lives. Here are a couple of places in the world, that are popular for honeymoons, and some other tips about planning the perfect honeymoon.

Know your budget and the time of year that you are going on honeymoon

You can’t consider going to the best destination for honeymoons in the world, but you don’t have the budget for it. It is important to make sure that you know what your budget is, and that you are working around your budget. You don’t need to go to the most expensive honeymoon destination in order to have the best honeymoon.

The other thing that you should also consider, is the time of year that you are going on a honeymoon. You don’t want to go on a honeymoon to a place that is cold and where you can’t do as many activities as what you have hoped for.

You should consider what your spouse would like as well

The top honeymoon destination for you might not mean that it is the best destination for your new spouse as well. Something that you should remember is that this is both, you and your new spouse’s honeymoon and she should enjoy it just as much as you are.

This is why you should consider the destination that your spouse will like also. There are many places that you can choose from that will give you and your spouse the best honeymoon ever.

Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world

If you don’t know where the best place is going to be for your honeymoon, then you should make sure that you are reading and remembering these popular honeymoon destinations that you can choose from. This is going to make it easier to choose the destination for you and your spouse:

  • Morocco: this is a place that will give you all the romance that you might need.
  • Mauritius: This is the destination that most couples are choosing because of the great holiday that  it has to offer
  • Hawaii: For the same reason that many are choosing Mauritius as well.
  • Bermuda. There are some exotic places that you should not miss.
  • Mexico. Great weather, great food and friendly people. What more do you want?

It can be hard to choose a honeymoon destination, if you don’t know where other people have gone to on honeymoon. With these information, you are going to be able to know for sure that you are going to book your honeymoon at the place that will be great for you and your new spouse.