Some Tips before Traveling Abroad



Whether you’re traveling abroad for the first time, or you’re used to long-distance travel, here’s a list of 20 tips and tricks to go before each trip.


Health and security

  • Take the time to pay a courtesy visit to your doctor with your children and contact your insurance company. This will allow you, on the one hand, to check that you have all the necessary vaccinations for your tropical raid and, on the other hand, to obtain the essential prescriptions for the little problems of everyday life.
  • Have copies of your passport, to store in your phone or in your email account. This way, in case of loss or theft of your passport, you will have the opportunity to prove your identity. The situation can be fix on site will be simplified and you will have the chance to return home.
  • Make yourself known to your embassy. If a problem arises in the country visited, it will help your government to contact you and keep you safe.



  • Be concerned about the current exchange rate before you leave. This way you can  avoid unpleasant surprises and bad calculations made in an emergency.
  • Make sure your credit card works in the country you are visiting and find out about any fees that may be charged for each transaction.
  • Once there, prefer banks or ATMs to withdraw money. Exchange offices at airports or in the city may be less interesting. By doing it directly at a bank or an ATM ATM, you will certainly pay less commission and the conversion will be accurate.
  • Always remember to have local currency on you because bank cards are not necessarily accepted everywhere, especially in the means of transport.


Research Tips before Traveling Abroad

  • For your visits, excursions, activities or shows on site, remember to buy your tickets in advance. This may already allow you to benefit from a more interesting rate and especially to avoid long queues to enter tourist sites, parks or theaters.
  • Opt for guided tours. The guides are professionals, who usually offer you a map, are allowed to have access to certain places in which you might not be able to go as a free visitor, and they are mostly generous in details and anecdotes.
  • Do not hesitate to note the events taking place during your stay. This will prevent you from missing out on festivals, ceremonies or other local events that are very culturally rich.
  • I saw a brochure for San Francisco Bay Area Towing while in San Francisco. They had some travel tips, one was to make sure you check the weather in the area you are going. Otherwise, it could be a vacation where you are stuck inside the entire time.



  • International adapter required! It’s the “must have” of any discerning traveler. And yes, for fear of disappointing some, electrical outlets are not the same everywhere.
  • If you want to avoid crying when you get home when you receive your phone bill, consider disabling roaming on your mobile phone. Privilege free Wi-Fi networks available in many hotels, restaurants, bars.
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